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Arizona Juvenile Criminal Charge

A juvenile criminal charge does not have to devastate your child's life and future. If your child has been charged or arrested for any criminal offense, it is crucial that you involve an experienced Arizona juvenile defense lawyer as soon as possible. Our office is here to offer you our experience and knowledge, and we promise to work diligently to protect your child in these serious matters.

The juvenile court system is different than the adult court in many aspects, including the procedure, terminology, and rules of the court. For example, the cases are decided by a judge and not a jury, a child is found delinquent instead of guilty of a charge, and the records are generally sealed and not a public record.

The goal of the juvenile court is to intervene as soon as possible in an attempt to rehabilitate and treat the child, unlike the adult court which often has an emphasis in punishment. However, the consequences of a juvenile conviction are still serious and can affect a child now and in the future. In addition to the possibility of facing detention (incarceration) in a juvenile facility, your child may also face a delay in obtaining or loss of his or her driver's license, mandatory counseling, community service, graffiti clean-up, and more. A skilled attorney from our office will fight to negotiate an early and lenient resolution in order to help avoid detention and other serious consequences to your child.

Unfortunately, the prosecutor has the ability to request a transfer of the child from the juvenile court to the adult court for various crimes and repetitive behavior; and in some instances of violent or sex offenses, the prosecutor's request of a transfer to adult court is mandatory. Once the child is removed to the adult court, the potential penalties are much harsher. It is the goal of our office to try and keep your loved one within the juvenile court system and avoid the adult courts.

If you have question you should contact our office so that an experienced juvenile attorney can explain the procedural aspects of your child's case and assist you in making important decisions that can affect your child's future.

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