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Arizona Drug Offenses

If you are under investigation or have been charged with possession of any drug or possession for sale, it is crucial you hire an aggressive and experienced lawyer who can successfully defend your case.


Drug possession involves a person who either has on their person or within their control an illegal drug, or a prescription drug obtained unlawfully, with the intent to personally use the drug. These charges need to be taken seriously. A first-offense simple possession of marijuana is often filed as a class 6 felony in Arizona, even for a minimal amount.

Possession for Sale:

Possession for Sale in Arizona is a higher charge than regular drug possession, where a person's possession of a drug is for the sole intention of personal use. The severity of the charge of possession for sale will depend on the type and amount of drug alleged to be involved, and where it occurred (i.e., near a school). If the offense involves drugs over what is called the threshold, the accused is presumed to possess the drugs for sale and is facing mandatory prison if convicted. ***Pursuant to Arizona law, if a person is convicted of possessing any amount of methamphetamine for sale, he or she is facing a mandatory sentence of five to fifteen years in prison regardless of the statutory threshold. Also, if a person is convicted of possessing equipment or chemicals for the purpose of manufacturing methamphetamine, manufacturing methamphetamine, or transporting/importing methamphetamine for sale, he or she is facing a mandatory prison sentence of five to fifteen years.

Threshold Amounts:

• One gram of heroin   • Nine grams of mthamphetamine*** (see note above)
• 750 milligrams of cocaine • 1.5 milliliters of LSD or 50 dosage units if in blotter form
• Two pounds of marijuana • Four grams of P.C.P.

It is essential that you have an experienced and aggressive criminal lawyer handling these charges to best investigate the particular evidence in your case. Not all firms have the experience to successfully defend your Arizona drug charges and we will fight to provide a successful resolution in your matter.

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